Best Deer Hunting Knife

Deer huntingThere are some really good products on our list of the best deer hunting knife; many crossovers from our list of the best hunting knives, that function great as a deer hunting knife and for other tasks. The big standouts are Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife, the Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife, and the Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle.

The Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle was interesting in that if it was on another list it would probably top out as the best, but users can decide that for themselves.

All of the knives on this list are good deer hunting knives, if you put it into the category of what you intend to do with it.

There are some folding knives on the list, which actually hold their own when stacked up against the fixed blade knives. The deer hunting knives on the list with replaceable blades are a bit of a surprise in that their actually functional, and not a complete waste. They inspire change and innovation in the field, and should definitely be praised for their efforts in competing with more tradition routes. With time replaceable blade knives may finally get the strength of fixed blade knives to create an all in one solution that everyone can get behind.

Since deer hunting knives are multifunctional, there are few do it all knives available, but still enough that accomplish most of the tasks needed when deer hunting. A good portion of the features offered with some of the knives on the list may not even be used by general deer hunters, but is still nice to have when needed. More often than not if a feature is available on a knife that a user won’t take advantage of and it is the same price of a comparable knife, taking the deer hunting knife with the extra feature won’t do any harm.

The best deer hunting knives are below, with some older and established companies making the list.

  • Buck Knives 0691BKG
  • Blade Type: Fixed
  • Blade Length: 4-1/8
  • Total Length: 8-1/2
  • Knife Material: Steel Guthook, Textured Rubber Handle with Brass Butt / Guard
  • Warranty: Buck Forever Warranty
  • Buck Knives 113
  • Blade Type: Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 3-1/8
  • Total Length: 7 1/4
  • Knife Material: American Walnut Handle with Bras Bolster
  • Warranty: Life time warranty
  • Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite
  • Blade Type: Folding
  • Blade Length: 3-1/2
  • Total Length: Not Specified
  • Knife Material: Stainless Steel Blade Kraton Handle
  • Warranty: Not Specified
  • Havalon Piranta Z
  • Blade Type: Folding
  • Blade Length: 2 3/4
  • Total Length: 7 1/4
  • Knife Material: Blaze Orange plastic handle bolsters
  • Warranty: Not Specified

1. Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook

This Buck deer hunting knife has a 4 1/8 inch Drop Point 420HC Steel Guthook Blade that when paired with the handle gives the knife an overall length of 8 ½ inches. This makes it pretty long, and extremely useful when using the end of the blade. The weight is pretty good on it at 6.6 ounces and does a good job of bringing balance. The handle is pretty impressive as a textured rubber handle with brass butt / guard, with all being protected by the Buck forever warranty. The overall presentation is a bit let down by the inclusion of a heavy duty nylon sheath, of good quality, but still lacking the features of a Kydex or Leather sheath. There is of course the entire ‘Made in America’ term used when describing Buck, and it works, as all parts are made in America and of the highest quality.

Another knock on the knife, or rather the sheath, is that it is a bit on the bulky side. The knife itself is already pretty big, so the included sheath is more of a hassle than it is worth. Using the ‘zipping’ function is quite easy, and works impressively well to show off the blades strengths. The handle is still a much undervalued thing in this blade, and holds true just as well. It is a solid handle that holds well regardless of conditions, and should be commended for use. Knocking off points for a bad sheath is not unheard of, especially since it is an essential part of a fixed blade package. This is a slightly above average offering from Buck, as the Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook won’t win the best deer hunting knife title, but is still in the game.


2. Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife

This is a better offering, the Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife with 3 1/8 420HC Steel Drop Point Blade with a total knife weight of only 5.2 ounces. It manages to stay at an acceptable length of 7 ¼ inches even with the gorgeous American walnut handle with bras bolster. This is one of the best handles on this list, not only in sight but in use. There is an unobtrusive lanyard hole on the end of the handle, and the total package comes with a well-made leather sheath. Attaching vertically, it has two slits for a belt mount that will please multipurpose users. This was originally limited edition that was a mashup of Bucks other great products. On its own it is a compact knife with the strength of a much bigger knife, making it suitable for deer hunting or as an all-around blade.

Some of the complaints for this model are the lanyard hole position, which some prefer to be done differently than what is offered. The blade gets no complaints, and is high on this list. The size is perfect, and the sharpness and edge will last users for a long time before needing to sharpen. Some of the finer points may go unnoticed on first glance, as this is a very detailed and built deer hunting knife. It is one of the better looking deer knives on the list, and stands out when compared to others. The Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife is one of the best on this list, and a prime candidate for the best.


3. Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife

The first on the list with reusable blades is the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife which comes with 6 reusable blades, all 3 ½ inches long. These blades are extremely sharp but also very thin, and provide no type of strength even with the large handle it is enclosed in. It can be described as a bit on the flimsy side, with its end being the best part. This deer hunting knife is a very much one use tool, which has one specific function. Control while wielding this knife is sporadic due to the very uncomfortable handle. It has a rubber grip but due to the lack of the strength in the blade, control always seems a bit far off. The blades last a bit and may be a bit of a pain to replace, but as far as price goes they are very cheap to obtain after going through the original 6.

Overall the problem is going to remain in how it feels in the hand of the user, and compared to the other knives on this list, it has a very generic feel when in use. The price is not high, but there are standouts on this list alone that offer a lifetime of use which can be bought in its place. And although the blades are sharp, they are one note, making it difficult in some situations to just use the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife. It is however a nice size, and quite easy to get used to for the average user. It is on the lower tier of deer hunting knives, but it is not the worst.


4. Piranta Pro Trophy Skinning Knife

This is another deer hunting knife on the list with replaceable blades, mainly 2, that are ¾ inches in length and razor sharp. Compared to the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife, the blades are in a different category and are made from 60XT and with a formidable Zytel composite handle. The blades still suffer from the lack of strength needed for certain tasks, but they are at least respectable. They suffer from that flimsy thickness but still manage to make the list because of their incredible sharpness. This is also a folding knife, and closed it is only 4 ¼ inches while open it is a good 7 ¼ inches. The thumb studs are a nice addition and the lanyard hole with pocket clip extends the portability of this.

Lack of strength in the blade aside, it is a pretty decent deer hunting knife. It won’t fit the bill in many cases but it has its place, especially due to its portability. Piranta did a good job of making this a very portable option for the everyday user, and on the strength of that alone it may pay for itself. The one hand open feature with the liner lock is a good combination of both convenience with safety, and fits into the package perfectly. It’s pretty good for what the user gets, although others may look to more durable knives when deer hunting. The Piranta Pro Trophy Skinning Knife is still a nice option to have, even if it isn’t the main.


  • Puma Skinner Stag
  • Blade Type: Fixed
  • Blade Length: 4.7
  • Total Length: 9.4
  • Knife Material: steel, genuine stag handles, brass finger guard and pins, brass lined lanyard holes
  • Warranty: Not Specified
  • Cold Steel SRK
  • Blade Type: Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 6
  • Total Length: 10-3/4
  • Knife Material: AUS 8A stainless steel, Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Warranty: Not Specified
  • Buck Knives 110BRS
  • Blade Type: Folding
  • Blade Length: 3-3/4
  • Total Length: 4-7/8
  • Knife Material: Dymondwood wood-grain handle with polished brass bolsters, genuine leather sheath
  • Warranty: Life time warranty
  • Morakniv Companion
  • Blade Type: Fixed
  • Blade Length: 4.1
  • Total Length: 8.6
  • Knife Material: Versatile fixed blade outdoor knife of hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

5. Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife

The 4.7 inch blade of the Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife impresses not only with its length, but its 55-57 rockwell hardness rating. Made of 440A German manufactured steel, the total 9.4 inches of this deer hunting knife is pure excellence in every way possible. Stag scales on the handle help with comfort and grip along with brass finger guards with pins. The brass lined lanyard holes don’t interfere at all with the knifes look, while the 100% vegetable tanned leather sheath with aniline finish will make most users want to ditch their other sheaths. This is one of the best knives on the list, hands down, and is much undervalued in the market. There are a few sources that that echo the same sentiment, and the reviews that do come through on this knife are always glowing.

Strength and control are the main two things about this deer hunting knife that stand out, as neither will suffer. Lengthwise the blade on the Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife may be a bit much for newer users to handle, but for seasoned professionals it will be a blessing in disguise. This knife has multiple uses outside of deer hunting and will function well with all tasks, without any trouble at all. It is priced well, and will not hurt anyone looking for quality. This is as close to a perfect deer hunting knife that any user can get.


6. Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle

Speaking of perfection, the Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle is another deer hunting knife that is absolutely amazing to the touch. The 6 inch long blade is made of AUS 8A stainless steel and is engulfed in non-stick coat to protect it from the elements. This is the strongest blade on the list, with an entire knife weight of 8.2 ounces. The handle is a nice mix of a checkered Kraton grip with a single quillon finger guard. Sharpness has not been lost in the makeup of this blade, and it still manages to be thick at about 3/16 of an inch.

This is truly an amazing blade, and a lot more well-known than the previous. The sheath that comes with it is Concealex, a Kydex variant. The only downside to this is that the blade length might be a bit of overkill for some users, not that it should be knocked off of the overall score. There are few flaws in this product, and it manages to not break a 100 dollars to obtain, which is another huge plus. From top to bottom this is one of the best deer hunting knives on the list, even if the blade may be a bit much for some users. On any other list of the best knife to use, this would be a top pick easily.


7. Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife

This is a bit of a small folding knife from Buck, but still a very capable folding knife for deer hunting. The Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife has a 420HC 3 ¾ inch steel clip blade, shrinking the knife to only 4 7/8 inches when closed. This compact knife still manages to clock in at 7.2 ounces, so it is small, but very heavy and durable. The handle is very underatted, and is a Dymondwood wood-grain handle with polished brass bolsters. With the wonderful lifetime warranty Buck felt it fitting to throw in a great leather sheath to sweeten an already good deal. The price is pocket change when weighing the features to the other knives on the list, and although a foldable knife, it really gets some major work done as a deer hunting knife.

This is of course part of the 110 anniversary edition stack of knives, which celebrates Bucks 50th anniversary. There is an emblem on the knife handle that reads “1964 50 years” so it would make an ideal gift or a collectors knife. The handle is a work of art on this, and the locking mechanism used is tried and true. There won’t be any accidents with this deer hunting knife, and despite its small size it proves that folding knives have a place when doing serious work. While the idea of using a folding hunting knife for deer hunting may deter some purists from a purchase, this knife still deserves a second look even from the doubters. The Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife is a really good deer hunting knife, and should not be overlooked.


8. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

With a Sandvik Stainless steel blade measuring 4.1 inches with a thickness of 2.5 mm, this is a unique offering that is also the lowest price on the list. Total length of the knife is 8.6 inches, but power is limited with a paltry weight of only 4.1 ounces. It is not a weak knife, but very limited and deceptively weak when used as a deer hunting knife. It’s easy to overlook the overall quality of the knife with such a great blade attached to it, but that in itself is this knifes biggest downfall. The handle has a patterned high friction grip, and maintains a very good margin of quality with the blade it holds. The sheath is definitely a letdown, and is plastic with a belt clip. It is a very barebones sheath, but considering the price it was nice that they even included it.

The Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife is a decent deer hunting knife, but the problem is that it is just decent. With a little more care to the power side of this knife, this could have been bumped up to mid and possibly top tier on the list. The blade is surprisingly good and strong, but the knife as a whole is not. Users will be limited in tasks because the overall power of this item is so weak, even with such a superior blade. It is a good bargain knife, but when it comes to deer hunting bargain is not the first thing that should come to mind. In the natural flow of things it isn’t a bad knife, but it also isn’t very good either. Users may want to look elsewhere for a capable deer hunting knife, even if this is the lowest priced one on the list.