A Comparison of Hunting and Survival Knives

Comparison of Hunting and Survival KnivesImagine being lost in the mountains or forest after going on a hike or hunting spree. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere and maybe you are getting really hungry. The only tool you have in hand is a survival knife your grandfather gave to your dad whom gave it to you. Despite of landing yourself in this situation, a knife just happens to be one of the select tools that will become your best friend and assist you in surviving during this desperate situation.

Regardless of which knife you have in hand a survival knife will help you survive any gruelling situation. Survival Knives are strong and durable, and known to be stronger than hunting knives. Expert survivors can agree that survival knives are so strong they can be used like the point of a spear. These knives are sturdy enough to endure some of the most intense banging and can cut through the skin of an animal with ease.

Hunting vs Survival

Hunting vs SurvivalHunting knives are known to be strong and reliable but they still cannot be compared to survival knives. Survival knives are known to be much more durable and versatile knives. They can be used as a spearhead, they can start camp fires, and cut through meat and vegetables effortlessly. Hunting knives are known to be multifaceted knives. They can cut through the skin of an animal, they can be used for filleting and hunters even use them to prepare their game meat.

While both knives are known to provide optimum performance, a survival knife is known for its superiority. What makes them each interestingly unique is the weight and thickness of the blade. Survival knives are much thicker and sturdier than hunting knives, yet both of them are structured in a way that they offer an amazing high quality strength and durability.

Knife Sizes

Knife SizesHandling a huge knife while hunting and just the appearance of waving one might impress others but in essence large knives are not effective for hunting. Hunters prefer using smaller knives, usually smaller than 4 inches. Larger knives, machetes and even hatchets are not effective and efficient for skinning animals and other hunting chores.

Remember that the size of the hunting knife you choose will determine the type of game you will be hunting. For hunting small animals like squirrels, rabbits and birds choose a small knife, one that is lightweight, and fits nicely in your pocket. If you will be hunting large deer, elk or moose you will need a bigger and tougher hunting knife so that when you slice through the meat and skin you can do so effortlessly. Regardless of how well the knife fits in its casing, your pocket or your hunting bag make sure you are able to hold it with a firm grip, that way it doesn’t slide out of your hand.

Hunting and Survival KnivesTop Choices for Survival and Hunting Knives:

  • The Kalahari Hunting Knife – Perfect for gutting and skinning animals.
  • The Canadian Hunting Knife – Considered a workhorse and ideal for the deer hunter.
  • The Bark River Drop Pointed Hunter – This knife makes for a much effective hunting knife.
  • Buck Knives Folding Omni Hunter Knife

Top Choices for Pocket Survival Knives:

  • The CRKT Kommer Free Range Hunter Folding Lockback
  • Buck Knives Folding Omni Hunter Knife
  • Smith and Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife
  • SOG Specialty Knives and Tools Escape Knife

Knife Handles

Knife HandlesOne key element to purchasing hunting knives or survival knives is the handle.  Bone, leather and wood handles are known to give hunters and survivalists the best performance. However they are still not the ideal handles hunters are looking for. These type of handle materials work well until sweat from the palm of your hands, water or blood touches the handle. Synthetic knife handles like Zytel Kraton and ABS provide an exceptional blend of secure grips. The advantage to these synthetic knife handles is that they are extremely durable and reliable. For your safety a hunting knife handle must have a finger shield or a guard that will stop your finger and your hand from sliding. Knife handles may pose two issues that is if they are too small or too big. Small handles cause you to over grip the knife and exhausts your forearm and handles that are too big makes controlling the knife very challenging. Essentially as long as a knife is comfortable in your hand you are good to go.

Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Knives

  • The 154CM High Carbon Stainless Steel has a superior resistance and its toughness keeps that polished edge. Many say it is more delicate, but it suits smaller blades better.
  • The VG 10 is almost similar to the 154CM but provides an exceptional damage resistance and also offers a larger edge.


If you are looking for a hunting knife, do your research, and find the one that is right for you. No two people will have the same perfect knife so find one that is your ideal match and enjoy your hunting adventure.